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Inspiring primary school children through community partnerships.

Research has shown that primary school children's aspirations are influenced by gender perceptions and socio-economic factors and that these can influence thinking of what children want to be from as young as 6 years old.

As children's aspirations do not seem to majorly change as they reach secondary school, we can support children to explore their thinking by showing them a range of opportunities at primary school level. 

Exposing children to age appropriate, real-world examples in ways that are both exciting and embedded in everyday school life, can help transform the way children view certain roles and professions.

We believe the future of work is a challenge that can't be left solely to schools and requires communities to support our children to understand the possibilities that surround them and the opportunities that exist to fulfill their potential. 

  • Young people who take part in careers activities such as jobs fairs and job shadowing are more positive about schooling and its helpfulness in adulthood (2016, 2017, 2017)

  • Children’s aspirations are shaped by their gender and who they know. The patterns of jobs chosen by seven-year-olds mirror those selected by 17-year olds (2018)

  • Those young people who have most to gain from employer engagement currently have least access to it (2017)

  • Statistically there is “nothing in common” between the career aspirations of young people and labour market demand (2013).

Meet Ada and Rosie

Through our volunteer community, our wonderful network of ESTEAM ambassadors will visit primary schools armed with brilliant books to inspire kids about the infinite career possibilities that exist.
With so much uncertainty around the types of roles children will have in the future we believe in the need for children to see that it is capabilities that are important and doing what you love will take you to all sorts of places.
Books are a key part of ESTEAM both as a way to build engagement and capability and as a way to open the door on our children's imagination and encourage curiosity.

Build ESTEAM in your school.

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Have a Rosie or Ada visit your school and help build New Zealand's ESTEAM.



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