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#RedrawTheBalance by UK charity Inspiring the Future.

U.K. charity Inspiring the Future has highlighted the way gender stereotypes influence our children much more and earlier than you think with their research showing children begin to define their identify of the jobs they can do by 6 and that their aspirations are shaped by their gender and who they know. The patterns of jobs chosen by seven-year-olds have been shown to be mirrored by those selected by 17-year olds (2018).

MullenLowe London shot a pro bono video for the charity, that connects schools with people from the world of work. Filmed at Whistable Junior School in the UK it shows children aged five to seven being asked by three women posing as "teachers" to draw a firefighter, a surgeon, and a fighter pilot.

The British Council in China has been working with the #InspiringWomen campaign and to mark International Women’s Day 2018, they launched a new version of the #RedrawTheBalance film using Chinese children and career women and cant help but be affected by one child's comment "Are you for real?"

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