A Bit About Us

Challenge Realities, Enable Possibility. 

We believe in our young people, their capability and potential. 

We believe life is full of wonder and we were meant to be curious.

We believe in inspiring a love of learning and a desire to be all you can.

We believe in giving people role models and leadership that shows them many things are possible.

We believe in a diverse and inclusive society, where people work as a community to solve the challenges that face us.


New Zealand faces many challenges in creating a workforce that is engaged and has the skills it needs for the future.


Our children will be that future and we believe in supporting them to understand their potential and the opportunities that exist around them. 


Children start to build perceptions of what they "can" do in a career by 6. That view is predominantly influenced by the people around them and what they see in the media. We want them to know the opportunities that exist before they limit their aspirations and are building ESTEAM in 6 key areas. 


By teaming books, people, and primary schools, we can capture our children's imagination early and show them opportunities they may never have imagined. We are also tackling gender stereotypes to grow diversity and inclusion.

This is a volunteer, nonprofit program and if you'd like to support us, let's talk.




Being shortlisted.

We are currently looking for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to volunteer for an upcoming campaign.
Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you and become part of this campaign.



ADA TWIST, SCIENTIST by Andrea Beaty & Illustrated by David Roberts.

Campaign planning is underway for Ada Twist, Scientist and International Women and Girls in Science Day 2019.


 If you are a woman working in science and want to be part of our #FindingAdaNZ campaign please contact us.



ADA'S IDEAS by Fiona Robinson

We are currently looking for people in technology from all backgrounds to volunteer for this upcoming campaign.

Get in touch if you'd like to be involved.



ROSIE REVERE, ENGINEER by Andrea Beaty & Illustrated by David Roberts.

Our # FindingRosieNZ campaign is underway celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 23rd June 2018.

We are looking for New Zealand Rosies' and hope this campaign inspires women in engineering fields to share their stories.


Taking suggestions.

We are currently looking for people from all backgrounds involved in the arts to volunteer for this upcoming campaign.

Get in touch if you'd like to be involved. We would love to hear from you.


Taking suggestions.

We are currently looking for people from all mathematic backgrounds for this upcoming campaign.  If mathematics is pivotal to your career we would like you to voluteer. You may be a data scientist, teacher, financial adviser, banker or something we didn't even know existed who's keen to show people Math is more than they think.
Get in touch if you'd like to be involved.


Our Volunteers

Megan Darby

Founder & Chief ESTEAM Officer

f=m x a

Entrepreneur and force to be reckoned with, Megan began inKIND by donating copies of Rosie and Ada to schools after seeing how they captured the imagination of her own young children.

While working on the problem of engaging young people with the mechanical engineering industry in the Heating and Cooling sector, she had the idea of bringing together books, people in industry and curriculum materials with primary schools, given research on how early career perceptions are shaped. 

She tend to asks a lot of questions just like Ada, and spends a lot of time in the Thinking Chair...

Kelly Broad

CoOperations Officer & GM

p = m x v 
Keeping momentum going and the spirit of cooperation alive. With inKIND since the beginning, Kelly draws on her previous experience in television and corporate video production to apply her organisational skills and keen eye to help inKIND grow and succeed.

As a founding director of a independent creative company Kelly embodies the meaning of entrepreneurship and celebrates what it means to take risks, to try and fail before achieving success.


Our volunteer educationalists are guiding us in the development of the inKIND ESTEAM programs.

Hester Neate

Teacher - Mt Roskill Primary

Hester has a science and teaching degree with a background in ecology. She is joining forces with inKIND to help encourage the natural curiosity of young minds to flourish and bloom.

Lisa Jane

Year 2 Teacher, St Cuthberts

Lisa views teaching as more than a job. She feels rewarded every day, being involved in educating our young learners. Lisa is passionate about teaching literacy, mathematics and the arts.

Kylie Tafford

Educationalist and Women in Trades Advocate.

As an educator Kylie has spent a lot of time considering the decline in numbers of females in her Mathematics classes.   Always wanting to find ways to open opportunities for women in non-traditional careers, Kylie developed an all female programme to support women to gain the skills to enter the construction trades.
When developing this programme Kylie found the women really enjoyed being hands on and had a real sense of achievement when they finished building a shed.  As Kylie is always asking question she went on to research why the numbers of females in the trades is so low.  
Working towards her Doctorate of Education, Kylie is excited to support ESTEAM to increase awareness of the opportunities in Engineering.




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